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Our Main Objectives
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Delivering Value For Money
  • Community Development
  • Delivering High Standards


End of Tenancy Clean
Spring Clean / One-Off
Residential Cleaning
Carpet Cleaning
After Party Clean
Office Clean
Office Equipment Cleaning
Commercial Cleaning


Tamil HA
Genesis HA
Richmond Fellowship HA
Causeway Irish HA
Paddington churches HA
Peter Bedford HA
Forest Complimentary Clinic
Dog and Duck - Pub
Shanghai Surprise - Restaurant


Selosol H/D Degreaser oil
Kitchen Floor Degreaser
Skin Care Cleansing Wipes
Multi-Purpose Cleaner
Hard Floor Cleaner
YourBizOnline - Website Design

Fast - Efficient - Hygienic - consistently delivering high standards of services.


At Little Miss Perfect Ltd., members of staff are fully vetted and wear security badges to identify themselves. We consider our staff the driving tool of our industry, and, are as valuable to us, as our customers. We comply with ISO9001/1400 Standards for Health & Safety, and the British Institute of Cleaning Science (BICs).We are eco-friendly in the distribution of waste, recycling newspapers, cartons, plastics etc. We provide household removals and cleaning.

We also provide deep cleaning, jet-washing of commercial bins and patio, which we use a high-tech powered pressure washer that gets to the grimiest of dirt and even grease. We provide a response within 24-hours to deal with anti-social behaviour such as vandalism and graffiti. We specialize in removing heavy duty lime-scale from inside toilets and sinks, which we enjoy doing. We recently took on a project to clean a void-property, when nobody else would. The properties were deeply neglected and in need of our attention. We contacted three separate cleaning companies to compare prices; two of which didn't call back, and one was unable to even provide a quote.

Our Ethos


We are committed to providing high quality standards of cleaning. We monitor our standards by regular site inspections and staff are given a cleaning list so they can check against their performance. We follow the BICs colour code practice when cleaning. All our equipment’s are labelled and cleaning materials used in the bathroom stays in the bathroom. We pride ourselves when completing tasks by checking over that the job is done with satisfaction.

We will match any genuine quote today and tomorrow and we offer money back guarantee if our clients are not happy with our services, unconditional offer. For a free visit with no obligation to hire our services fill in our on-line form under "contact us" at the top of this page. Alternatively clients may wish to contact us via telephone or email; details are listed at the top of this page.

Tips and Advice on removing Chewing Gum


Freeze the gum by rubbing with ice. Alternatively melt the gum then wipe off using a damp cloth. For more information on how to remove stains, to Cleaning Tips & Advice, Stain Removal, Tricks & Hints Channel 4-Homes.


How to remove water stains from sink taps
Using natural resources cut a lemon in half, then using one half rub all over the surface of the taps and rinse off.


How washing your old worn carpet can bring it up looking new again -without the cost involved
If your carpet is tired and worn and you are looking to give it a new look, but un-decided as to whether your better option would be to buy a new one, then let me recommend washing it, as this not only bring up the freshness in old worn carpet, but will save you money. If however, your carpet is perilous then you could wash this now, as a temporary measure, then save up and buy a new one later.

Simply choose a brand of carpet cleaning product that suits your carpet's needs, then pop into your nearest DIY; your local B&Q should do it, then order a Rug Doctor. There shouldn't be any difference in the performance, as these machines have been compared with other cleaning equipment’s and do work wonders. Once you have chosen your shampoo product, read through the instructions carefully, and always wear protective gloves should you need to. I would kick start the process by manually sponging areas affected the most with a product known as "Traffic Clean", as this would help lift any deep-down stains, before using the shampoo and machine.

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